#LMFW | London Modest Fashion Week

I cant believe how long this has been sitting in my “drafts” folder!! I actually forgot to hit “PUBLISH”!!

Now to warn you, this post is not really… positive…so I have attached some pictures of the day, to lighten this post up a bit.  Enjoy x

I attended the first ever London Modest Fashion Week at The Saatchi Gallery, I was very excited to attend the catwalk, check out different brands and meet other social media bloggers on the day.  But in my most honest opinion…. I really DID NOT enjoy my day there..not one bit!!


I was in love with this model!!! 

The catwalk was only the best highlight to the day, other than that, it was awful.  (But even so, the catwalk was not really, catwalk.  It seemed a bit cheap if I am honest with you)


First of all, no one knew where the queue was for the catwalk show, so there was a queue formed around a staircase, where people walked through and even decided to join in – in the middle and not have the audacity to join at the back of the queue.


There was a lot of pushing and shoving, you would have thought you was in line for a closing down sale, not a reputable fashion event.  There was a point where my friend got some verbal abuse by a woman because they were holding my chair, while I went up to take some close ups of the event before the catwalk began.


Unfortunately, theres nothing I can could out of the catwalk “stage”.  This was it.



All in all… the event was NOT modest AT ALL!  I will never go to an event like that again, I was utterly dissapointed.  It was not well planned, everyone was just horrible and to top it off, most of the social media bloggers were so far up their a**,  it was an eye opener.  Do not believe what you see on Instagram or on any of the public social media platforms.  It all may be roses, pink backgrounds and designer clothes, but nothing about them was ‘modest’ in terms of their attitudes and the way their treat the public in person.  They have lost a follower: ME… not that it would affect them but seeing them in front of the camera lens, has shown me that not everything is as it seems.


Remember, be you…do you…but don’t be an a**!!!


Did you go to this event? Or something similar? What did you think of it?




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