Backstage Shoot with Jilbabs ‘R’ Us

I just want to say to everyone, I am extremely sorry that I took AAAAAAAGES to upload this post and video, I have managed to take advantage of my day off today and forced myself to do the finishing touches.

I have modelled previously with Jilbabs ‘R’ Us and it was my first ever abaya photoshoot and I absolutely loved it.  My shoot with them was for the whole day and I wanted to shoot backstage footage of what modelling in a studio is like.


The video is shot and edited by me, I just left my camera running while it sat on a tripod in the corner of the studio, unfortunately it did keep switching off every 20 minutes, so I didn’t manage to get the whole footage.  After being a model and a blogger on the day, I must say, towards the end of it, I was starting to get really really tired and I think you’ll be able to notice it in the video LOL! Also if I sit still in one place for longer than 10 minutes, my body decides that its bedtime! Anyway, after all that hard work, I managed to get myself in roughly 40 abayas!!!


On the day my make up and hijab styling was by Sheuli Nessa, I have had my makeup done by Sheuli plenty of times, for Asian Bride Live and her photoshoots, she is so used to my face now and is probably bored of it!

IMG_6559 2.JPG

I had so much fun on the day and saw the familiar friendly team from the last shoot I had with them and the pictures just came out GREAT.. I LOVE THEM!

Have a look at my video and let me know what you think of it

Comment Below xx



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