OOTD: Cousin’s Henna Party

A week before my cousin’s wedding, she had her henna party.  It is a get together of the bride’s side of family in the evening, where henna is applied on the bride-to-be and there is lots of food, fun and entertainment.  For these get togethers you need to dress to impress. Below I have details of my outfit xxx

Hair & Makeup: Me

Sari: Diya (my sari didn’t come with this velvet blouse, it is actually a crop top from Boohoo, I carefully removed the golden sequin embroidery from the sleeves of the original blouse and stitched it onto the crop top.

Bangles: Bees – Jewellery

Earrings: Independent jewellery store in Green Street

Iphone case: Amazon


I wore these earrings on my OOTD – Eid 2016 blog post


The table decorations, were brought in by family, they are handmade and looked so beautiful. They consisted of candles beautifully decorated with henna like design, fruits and vegetables as well sweets.

Take a look below xx

I made the purple one on the left, it started unravelling in the car, on our way to the venue.  I am not really that great with arts and crafts.  I purchased my bits and bots from Hobby Craft.  Just bits of tissue paper, glitter sticky tape, toothpicks, a polystyrene ball and a plant pot.

This AH-MAZING horse and carriage was made by my sister-in-law.  She is so cool at this stuff.




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