Makeup Revolution – Eyeshadow Palette

For under £5 each these palettes caught my eye. These palettes contain nude and subtle colours that you can wear on a day to day basis.  I don’t usually use eyeshadow primers but with this palette, I need it as the lasting power not as long as I’d like it to be, it just seems to fade throughout the day.  This palette is quite pigmented however don’t expect Urban Decay eyeshadow quality, come on…its like five quid!

I haven’t taken any swatches, but if you would like some, comment below I am happy to do so. xx




Redemption Palette Essential Shimmers: This palette is more pigmented than the one below, I have noticed.  I’m not too sure why that is but this palette contains a orange-golden colour that I love so much and use quite regularly.  The pale pink colours on the far left are more glittery than shimmery and I tend to stay away from them as they don’t suit me.


Redemption Palette Iconic 3: This palette contains very shimmery colours and few matte.  To make these colours pop, use a similar colour base and add these shimmers on top. I love the pinks in this.





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