Stila – Stay All Day 10-in-1 Beauty Balm

My goodness this is good!!  Most of times, I love natural makeup that just makes your skin look fantastic.  This soft and lightweight beauty balm, makes your skin look extremely glowy without looking greasy/oily.  A very tiny amount is enough for the face, if you have makrs you would like to hide, a little dab of concealer here and there will be enough.  I get compliments on my skin rather than my makeup when I wear this, I love it.


For me this is not moisturising enough for my skin when worn on its own, I always apply a moisturiser before applying this.  My skin tends to get dry throughout the day so I always prep my skin with a good face oil mixed with a moisturiser before stepping out the house.  You can apply using a foundation brush or your fingertips if you wish.  I use my Real Techniques Stippling Brush, dot the product on my forehead, chin and cheeks before blending it in.


So for days you want to look pop out the house, run a few errands and don’t have time for makeup, just apply this.  You will look extremely fresh, especially on a lazy Sunday! xx


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