Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect Foundation

So I’m doing my regular toiletry shopping and as usual, I can never stay away from the makeup aisle!!! So I saw a picutre of Halle Berry looking so graceful with her gorgeous skin, which drew me to this foundation she was advertising.

I have mixed reviews on this foundation, its definitely not an everyday foundation.  I wore it one day while getting ready for work and thought this feels very heavy on my face, definitely full coverage.  As I took my toilet breaks and looked at how my makeup is holding, I noticed GLITTER, tiny tiny bits of glitter on my face… all over my face! WHAT! If you look from far it doesnt look that bad but when close you can’t help but notice it.  This product does not blend well easily, so you can’t use a brush to apply it but works well with a damp beauty blender.

So as much as I have complained about why I don’t like it, it is perfect for when you need to wear heavy makeup, like for an asian wedding!  It is definitely photoready, my photos come out great with this foundation, doesnt look heavy in the pictures and doesn’t look heavy in person, even though it feels it! Like I said, if you dont come close you wont notice the glitter and from far, the skin looks dewy and glowy.

Like I said very mixed review, will ONLY wear this for a wedding!


I give this product 3.0 stars

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