…How to get dewy skin

..Pardon my moody morning face! But I’m not a great fan of mornings…

I will tell you my little secrets to get fresh dewy, blemish free skin:

Drink lots of water: Gosh, do I sometimes hate drinking water…it tastes…just..so…plain.  BUT GUESS WHAT.. it works!!! There are times I get lazy and don’t drink water and you can really see the effects on my face, I just look…dull, like a grey hue on my face. EURGH!

With my busy days at work, it is very hard for me to actually drink water, there is just no time.  It is silly really!!

I use my Brita Fill&Go Water Filter Bottle, which I invested in and I can not live without it! There have been times I have accidentally gone to the gym without it and felt my world had fallen apart! LOL.

I add fresh lemon slices to my water.  There are many many many benefits to drinking lemon water.  Main reasons to drinking lemon water: helps flush out toxins that are in the body and not just that, lemons contain antioxidants, which decrease blemishes and maintains the radiance of skin!!! GOOD STUFF!

♥ Do not sleep with make up on: I cannot emphasise this enough. Girls, if you sleep with make up on (even if it’s sometimes), stop…just stop!!! You know, if you sleep with make up on, it can age your skin.. studies have shown girlies who sleep with make up on every night, their skin ages by TEN BLOODY YEARS!!! Just take it off, what’s wrong with you! 😖



Make up sits in pores, not just making appear larger but it can in time, stretch them.  My motto is “if you can spend ages putting make up on, then you should spend the same time taking it off!!”
I am the proud owner of Braun Face 810 – Facial Epilator and Cleansing Brush.  I use this bad boy every morning and before bed after  removing my makeup. I use this with my favourite face wash Tea Tree Facial Wash – By The Body Shop.


♥ Scrub your skin regularly: I am a big fan of face scrubs, exfoliator washes, exfoliant brushes.  You name it, if it takes off dead skin…then I’ve got it!The reasons as to why you need to use a scrub/exfoliator is because it removes dead skin cells, rough dry areas and reveals radiant new skin that is lying underneath.  There are some scrubs on the market that you are able to use daily.

Make sure you moisturise straight away!!!

♥ Steam/Sauna: Luckily the gym I go to has a lovely sauna room in the changing room which I can access whenever I have a workout. This is lovely to clear out all junk from my pores, EW! I sit for several mins and then when I am out, I wash my face straight away. DO NOT let the sweat just sit on your face whether after a workout or sauna session.  Otherwise you are just letting that stuff go back in.



♥ I hope that helped girlies!!! 🙂 ♥

 ♥ Any questions or comments, jot it all down below!!! ♥

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